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It’s Quick…Reliable…Convenient

No need to wait for your check to come in the mail.  No need for that extra trip to the branch to deposit your check when you have Direct Deposit.

Having your paycheck and tax refund directly deposited into your savings or checking account is:

Quick: Your money is electronically transferred into your account and available to use the morning of the transfer date.

Reliable: Direct Deposit puts money in your account on time, every time. There's no "check hold" delay; nothing to get lost. If you move, you won't have to wait for your check to catch up.

Convenient: No more special trips to the Credit Union to deposit your check. Your funds are credited to your account, safe and ready to use, whether you're at home or halfway around the world.

Safe: At your federally insured credit union, deposits are insured up to $250,000.

Secure: No more worries about lost, stolen or misplaced checks with Direct Deposit. Also, Direct Deposit is more confidential than paper payments because fewer people are involved in the process.

Helpful links to get started with Direct Deposit:

Social Security

Switching Over

Transferring your financial information is surprisingly easy when you use the forms below.

Checking Account Transfer

To transfer your money to your Fort Knox Federal account, fill out this form and turn in to your current financial institution.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Switching your direct deposit is as easy as filling out the Direct Deposit form and handing to your HR Department.

Automatic Withdrawals

To transfer your automatic withdrawals to your Credit Union account, fill out the Automatic Withdrawal form and send to the company making the withdrawal.
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