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If you are interested in opening a business account contact your local branch.

All business account types being opened will require photo ID and Social Security Number card at time of opening.

All owners on the account must sign a Signature Card. This document can be signed at account opening or provide the document at the branch pre-signed and notarized. All owners still need to be present at account opening to verify identity. If you have questions about this option, please call us.

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Share Certificates

Earn big with our share certificates. Certificates are the easiest way to save if you don't need immediate access to your money. Pick your maturity date and start earning today!

Regular Certificate Rates

59 Month - 2.50% APY 1
48 Month - 1.95% APY 1
36 Month - 1.45% APY 1
30 Month - 1.40% APY 1
24 Month - 1.35% APY 1
18 Month - 1.30% APY 1
12 Month - 0.85% APY 1
6 Month - 0.80% APY 1
3 Month - 0.50% APY 1

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Current Certificate Specials

14 Month - 2.05% APY 1
26 Month - 2.15% APY 1


59-month Rate Riser Certificate specifically for your IRA

Visit A Branch Open Online

or Call (800) 285-5669

1 Annual Percentage Yield. Certificates-$500.00 minimum deposit. Dividends paid and compounded quarterly. Dividend may be paid monthly for account balances $10,000.00 or higher (Excludes 22 month and 35 month certificates). Rates may be changed or discontinued at any time; call your local branch for current rates. Fees and/or withdrawals will reduce earnings. When opening a certificate the member has agreed to leave the principal of this account on deposit for the full term stated in the account or renewal notice. If all or part of the principal is withdrawn before the maturity date, the Credit Union may charge a penalty. Withdrawal of the principal amount of the certificate may be made only with the consent of the Credit Union. Unless stated otherwise, the owner shall forfeit an amount equal to 90 days dividends, whether earned or not, on certificates with maturities between 3 months and 26 months; 180 days dividends, whether earned or not, on certificates with maturities between 30 and 48 months; 365 days dividends, whether earned or not, on 59 months certificates. The penalty may be calculated at the rate paid on the deposit. The penalty will, if necessary, be taken from the principal amount of the deposit.
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