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Personal Account Manager P.A.M. Support & Instructional Videos

Introducing P.A.M., your Personal Account Manager. With P.A.M., you can view your personal investment information from inside or outside the Credit Union all in one online location. P.A.M. will allow you to take control of your finances and can help improve your spending habits. To try out P.A.M. today, log into Branch@Home and click on the "Financial Planning" tab.

Read below or watch the video to learn more about the benefits of this product.

Best of all, P.A.M. is totally FREE!

Always Know What's Happening In Your Account With Text Alerts
Whether you want to receive an alert when your payroll deposit comes in or you want to receive an alert when you spend $100 on dining out, the notification alerts function can do this automatically for you.

Control Your Spending Habits
With the "Set Budget" feature in P.A.M., you can set a specific budget according to what you want to spend. P.A.M. will then notify you via text or email once you have met or exceeded your budget.

Know Where Your Money Is Going
The expense tracker supplies a chart that will break down where all of your money is being spent. Adding transaction tags will help you get even more in depth on how much money you are spending and where.

Expense tracking comes in very handy when you are interested in setting up budgets for you and your family.

Schedule Cashflow
P.A.M.'s cashflow calender can help you see when your funds will be coming in or out of your account. You can add recurring income or bills to help keep you on track of what your account balance will look like on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Set and Achieve Goals
Setting goals with P.A.M. is extremely easy and very unique. There are many preset goals to choose from or you can create custom goals depending on your need.

These goals are extremely diverse and can be fully customizable. You can set a goal to save enough to start a family, to pay off a credit card or loan, or a simple goal to save enough to have a cushion in one of your accounts.

Control Your Debts & Assets
The net worth tab on P.A.M. combines all of your listed debts and assets for your information. It will also track monthly whether your debt is going up or down on a month to month basis.
To view instructional videos on how to use P.A.M., click here.
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