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Lost or Stolen VISA Card

If you have had your VISA Check Card or VISA Credit Card lost, stolen, or compromised, look below for contact information.

VISA Check Card Information

• Lost or compromised VISA Check Card after hours:
  Call 800-472-3272.
  Report all lost, stolen or compromised cards to your Credit Union.

• Found a VISA Check Card?
  Cut in half and mail to:
  Fort Knox Federal Credit Union
  P.O. Box 900, Radcliff, KY 40159-0900.

VISA Credit Card information

• Customer Service, Balance info:

• Out Of Country, Call Collect:

• Lost/Stolen Card:

• Card Holder Security Department:

• Card Activation:

• Spanish:

To report a lost or stolen Credit Union VISA Card when we are closed, please call:

For more VISA Credit Card information, click here.
For our blocked countries list, click here.
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