Assistance - Partial Shutdown

Furlough Assistance header

Special Assistance for Federal Employees and Federal Contractors

Those that could be affected:
• Department of Homeland Security
• Justice Department
• State Department
• Interior Department
• Department of Agriculture
• Department of Housing and Urban Development

You may qualify for the following:

Personal Loan (No payments due for the first 90 Days.*)
No Penalty Withdrawal (Waive your early withdrawal penalty for share certificates. Must visit your local branch for withdrawal.**)

Other options are also available such as:

Extend the Payment Due Date On Your Current Loans
If you are interested in extending your payment due date, please call or stop by your local branch for further details.***

VISA Credit Cards

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• Enjoy cash back rebates on VISA Platinum

Instant Cash Line of Credit

• Save money with low interest rates
• Low minimum monthly payments
• Available anytime and only pay on what you borrow Click here for more information.

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