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Direct Deposit

It’s Quick…Reliable…Convenient

No need to wait for your check to come in the mail.  No need for that extra trip to the branch to deposit your check when you have Direct Deposit.

Don't forget to Set Up Direct Deposit now for Your Tax Refund as well.

Having your paycheck and tax refund directly deposited is:

Quick: Your money is electronically transferred into your account and available to use the morning of the transfer date.

Reliable: Direct Deposit puts money in your account on time, every time. There's no "check hold" delay; nothing to get lost. If you move, you won't have to wait for your check to catch up.

Convenient: No more special trips to the Credit Union to deposit your check. Your funds are credited to your account, safe and ready to use, whether you're at home or halfway around the world.

Safe: At your federally insured credit union, deposits are insured to at least $250,000.

Secure: No more worries about lost, stolen or misplaced checks with Direct Deposit. Also, Direct Deposit is more confidential than paper payments because fewer people are involved in the process.

Get started with Direct Deposit:  
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Also, don't forget about our checking accounts which include:

• FREE Direct Deposit/ Payroll Deduction
• FREE Check Card
• FREE ATMs Worldwide
• FREE Check Cashing
• FREE Text Alerts with P.A.M.
• FREE Phone Facts
• FREE Copies of Checks Online
• FREE Notary Service
• FREE overdraft protection from your savings,
  checking or line of credit
• FREE $1,000 Accidental Death &
  Dismemberment Insurance
• Access to all of our Online Solutions
• No Per Check Charges

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union ABA/Routing Number: 283978425

It’s quick and easy with our
Switch Kit Checklist of 4 simple steps:

1. Open your new account
2. Change your direct deposit
3. Transfer any automatic withdrawals
4. Close your old account

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