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Online Bill Pay | FAQ

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We have provided you with the ability to move funds to your FKFCU business account through Online Bill Pay. Account to Account transfers are a fast and convenient way to manage your funds online. Click here to get started today!

Bill Pay FAQ

What is Bill Pay?
Bill Pay allows you to pay bills without writing a check. This service is available to all members who have access to Branch@Home. 

• How do I enroll?
First, you must sign up for Branch@Home, Fort Knox Federal’s Internet home banking product. If you already use Branch@Home, click on the BillPayer button on the left side of the screen and follow the easy steps.  

• Whom can I pay?
Any individual or company you choose.  For example, your utilities, mortgage, rent, newspaper carrier, babysitter, or any vendor you may choose. The only exceptions are any government agency, collection services, or companies with addresses outside the United States. Child support, alimony, and maintenance payments are ineligible as well.

• How does it work?
It is easy! You can schedule either one-time or reoccurring payments. On the scheduled payment date, your payment is processed by the Credit Union and is submitted to the payee the following business day. Payments are processed electronically to the payee whenever possible. If the payee does not accept electronic payments, a check is mailed. It is your responsibility to verify your payment has processed by viewing your history on the bill pay.

• What does Bill Pay cost me?
If you have a relationship balance of at least $2,500 (Visa Credit Lines excluded), Bill Pay is free.  Example:  If you have $500 in savings, $500 in a CD, $1400 in loans and $100 in checking, you would qualify for free Bill Pay or the fee is $5.00 per month and will be deducted from your checking account on the first day of the month. In addition, a $5.00 fee will be charged for no bills paid within 30 days.

• Which Accounts/suffixes can I use with Bill Pay?
Bill Pay can only be used in conjunction with your FKFCU checking account suffix 9.

• How do I set up payees?
Click on the payee button, next click on add a payee and then add payee information. Remember, the payee address will not allow a symbol like the "&" sign. Simply leave out or spell out the word "and".

• Once enrolled how soon can I start making payments.
If you set up a “New Payee,” you must allow 5 (five) business days before you can begin making payments to that payee. This allows our payment processor enough time to verify payee information before the first payment is sent. After the 5 business days have elapsed, your payment will be submitted.  Do not wait until you are ready to pay bills to set up new payees. Please note that this delay is imposed only once, after the creation of a new payee. Subsequent payments to that payee are not subject to this restriction.

• What is the difference between a bill paid by “Check” and a bill paid “Electronically”?
A “Check” payment is a paper draft sent through the U.S. mail system. You must allow sufficient time for the payee to receive this type of payment just as if you were mailing the payment yourself. An “Electronic” payment is sent out electronically and is the preferred payment method; however, some payees are not able to accept this type of payment. “Electronic payments clear with in a few days.

• How long will it take a payee to receive my payment?
On average, allow two days (Monday-Friday) for electronic payees and five days (Monday-Friday) for those payees paid by paper check (for those unable to receive electronic payment.)  Saturdays, Sundays and Fort Knox Federal Credit Union holidays should not be counted when estimating payment dates.  Your Personal Payee history will show whether a merchant is receiving payments electronically or by check. Please remember that Fort Knox Federal Credit Union cannot control the delivery of payments by the post office or the posting schedule (when the payment is actually credited to your account) of the payee.

Because payee may not post the payment the same day that they receive them, we recommend that you include a few “cushion” days in your timing of bill payments. It is your responsibility to select dates to allow enough time for the payment to get to the payee so that you are not late with your payment. 

• When are funds deducted from my checking account? 
Funds are deducted from your checking account on the day that we process your payment (typically the Payment Start Date), and NOT on the day that the payment is received or cashed.

• What if I do not have enough funds available in my account to process my scheduled payment?
Normal over draft procedures will take place.

• How do I check my payment status?
Click on the “Payment History “button, and you will see a status on each of your payments as follows:

In Process: The Payment has been sent to our payment processor and is awaiting further action. At this point, a payment has not yet been sent to your payee, but the money has been deducted from your checking account.

Payment Sent: The payment has been processed and a check has been sent to your payee.

Electronic Payment Sent: The electronic payment has been processed and sent to your payee.

Check Cleared: Your payee has deposited the check. Note that on electronic payments, the final status will be “E-Payment Sent.”

• What if I need to modify a scheduled payment?
While a payment is still listed under the pending payment section, changes can be made to the payment at any time. After the payment has been picked up for processing and the payment has moved from pending payments to payment history no changes can be made.

• Can I stop a payment?
Once a payment is sent, it will be processed according to standard procedures.

• I made a payment to a payee through Bill Pay and it had not been credited to my account. What should I do?
Check your records. Often, a typing error or date error is responsible for a missing payment. Wait at least four business days for an electronic payment and seven business days for a check payment. Once all other means of rectifying the problem have been exhausted, Fort Knox Federal Credit Union will take any necessary steps, upon the request of the member to pursue the payment issue.

• How do I cancel the Bill Pay service?
If you decide that you do not want to use Bill Pay, you will need to cancel Bill Pay from your Branch at Home. Please be aware that all Payees and Pending Payments will be canceled. If you later decide to re-enroll in Bill Pay again, you will have to reestablish all of your Payees.

• How do I get a copy of a check?
You will need to call Fort Knox Federal Credit Union and speak with a Member Resource Representative.

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